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Northern Hostels

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The North of Italy is very rich of attractions and ideas for an enjoyable weekend. Surely it offers the best places to ski in Winter, with its well-equipped facilities on the Dolomites and known throughout the world, but it is also a seaside destination, if you think of all the Venetian coast, and Trieste. No doubt this comes as the perfect setting for a holiday in touch with nature, staying in comfortable hostels located in relaxing atmosphere, tasting genuine food in contact with the history and the environment, breathing atmosphere immersed in light of tradition. You can also visit cities rich in culture and entertainment such as Milan, Bologna, Genoa. The capital of the Liguria region is a beautiful city that has developed around its port cities and has become over time an important metropolis, the center of cultural and artistic events. During the weekend a must visit is the aquarium, which is the largest in Italy; including tanks containing many fish and reptiles. The journey takes about two hours,