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A.I.G. Charter




Art. 1. (Constitution)

And 'it constituted by deed No. 28339 of December 19, 1945, Notary Sabelli in Rome, the Italian Youth Hostels Association - AIG.

The A.I.G. It is apolitical. It has social, cultural and welfare.

It extends the performance of its activities in all the national territory and has no profit. It is only representative in Italy of the International Youth Hostel Federation (I.Y.H.F.) and one representative for Italy to the said Federation.


Art. 2. (See)

The A.I.G. It is based in Rome.


Art. 3. (emblem)

- The A.I.G emblem, Illustrated in the annex, consists of a white equilateral triangle edged in red and containing the three letters A I G in green.


Art. 4 (Purpose)

L 'A. I. G. has the following purposes:

a) the promotion of youth tourism, social, family and the parallel activities to the receptivity, to improve mutual understanding among peoples, to consolidate and develop solidarity among the nations, to strengthen the values ​​of civil society and to contribute to the moral improvement , intellectual, cultural and physical youth, through tourism and individual and group tours;

b) raise, direct and coordinate the national and international youth movement that develops around the aforementioned hospitality centers;

c) also promote internationally, in consultation and coordination with the 'I. Y. H. F. - International Federation of Youth Hostels - initiatives and realize direct tourist activities to encourage awareness of the historical, artistic and cultural and environmental;

d) promote initiatives and create tourist, cultural, social and sports direct to favor the practice of tourism for young disabled and handicapped;

e) provide for the organization and promotion of initiatives relevant to these purposes, intended to arouse interest in young people for travel within both national and international, including through provision of tourist routes;

f) provide for the preparation, publication and dissemination of informational and educational material for the knowledge of the historical, artistic and cultural;

g) revive and spread the knowledge of local traditional features;

h) organize, among members, travel through the Italian and foreign network of A. G .: exchange of individuals and groups, tourist, sports, culture, etc .;

i) to organize groups of members is autonomous by other institutions and associations, and especially in schools;

l) carry out cultural activities, education, welfare, sports and recreation for the dissemination of culture, art, sport and tourism, for the better use of leisure time;

m) participate in similar activities of foreign associations of I. Y. H. F .;

n) provide to shareholders every reasonable opportunity and play in their favor any further activities in topic permitted by current regulations;

o) maintain constant relations with I. Y. H. F. and with foreign associations that are part of it;

p) take care of all those activities that directly and indirectly the movement determined by the choices for youth and from every other form of hospitality;

q) organize and manage training courses, professional and vocational training qualification in favor of the members or third parties for professional profiles, for experience, for vocational training or apprenticeships related to arts and crafts typical of the places of reference or for training in the tourism sector .


Art. 5. (Action Vehicles)

- The A.I.G. shall implement all actions and activities necessary for the pursuit of its purposes and for the promotion of youth tourism, social and family that for parallel activities to accommodation; and it shall also participate in any initiative or event that could benefit the organization and development of the Association and the youth movement associated with it including the realization of other forms of organization and collaboration necessary for the pursuit of institutional goals.











Art. 6. (Sochi)

It may be a member of A.I.G. every citizen who conform their behavior to the principles of equality and fraternity which inspired sorting I.Y.H.F.

Members are divided into:

- Junior members, aged 8 to 18 years old

- Senior members, from 18 years to 30

- Driving members, from 30 years old onwards.

They may exceptionally be appointed honorary members by the National Committee on the proposal of the National President or the Presidents of the Regional Committees for special merits acquired in the 'sphere of Association. Honorary Members may be appointed within the limit of 1% (one percent) of the total members.

The question of the minor partner of association must also be signed by the person exercising parental authority.

They may be elected to the corporate offices of the Italian members who are 18 years old and should not be in any of the incompatibility provided for by the Civil Code of companies Director nomination.

They can not, however, be elected members of the Committees Regional - except in the case of formation of committees where there is no organization A.I.G. - Members who have not been enrolled in the Association in the two years prior to that in which it convened the meeting for the renewal of the Board.

The outgoing Committee - a formal, motivated resolution approved by the National Executive Council (GEN) - or GEN, may also, as an exception to that provision, to propose the election of members to positions held or acquired special merits, give assurance to make, the activity of the Committee, fruitful collaboration.

Membership fees are intrasmissibili, except upon death, and not subject to revaluation, as required by current tax and civil provisions.

They can also be part of committees, such as elective members - directors, officers, officials and employees of entities and private organizations which carry out activities similar to that A.I.G. in the field of social tourism and youth, or not-for-profit as well as A.I.G employees.

The Chairman of the Committee can only be attributed to Elected member or co-opted.




Art. 7. (Faculty, duties and rights of members)

Each shareholder has the right to:

- Receive benefits and services from A.I.G. and in particular to enjoy the hospitality of the hotels for the Italian youth and those foreign employees by the associations that are part of I.Y.H.F .;

- Exercising the right to vote for the 'election of their representatives, provided that it belongs to the category of senior members or guide.

The members below the age of 14 years can not attend the hotels for youth unless accompanied by an adult member who becomes a guarantor of them, both morally and financially disciplinary action, all the time spent in A.G ..

Each active member must pay the membership fee in the amount to be fixed by the National Committee on the proposal of the Association bodies.

You lose the membership by resignation, withdrawal of the card, by radiation.

Radiation becomes a place, in any case of unworthiness, by order of the competent Committee, after notifying the charges.

Against any recall operation of the card and radiation the applicant may appeal to the Appeals Board.




Art. 8. (Organs of the Association)

Organs of A.I.G . are :

- National President and National Vice President;

- The National Committee;

- The National Executive Committee;

- The Board of Auditors;

- The Board of Arbitrators;

- The Regional Committees;

- Zone Chairperson;

- Assemblies;

- The Secretary and the Deputy National Secretary.

Organs are extraordinary:

- The Extraordinary Commissioners;

- The Regents.




Art. 9 (National President and National Vice President)

The National President is elected by the National Committee, with a majority of two-thirds vote of those present.

The legal representative of A.I.G. and it directs their activities according to the program established by the National Committee and the National Executive Committee; take the measures necessary for the functioning of the Association's services; coordinates the activities of the Regional Committees and the zone chairpersons; urges the appointment of the Zone Chairperson, after consultation with the Regional Committees; six months before the expiry of his mandate, calls elections for the renewal of the zone chairpersons and promotes the subsequent rebuilding of the Regional Committees.

The National Vice President is elected by the National Committee in the same way.

The National President may entrust, national vice president or the members of the National Committee, special assignments.

In case of absence or incapacity of the National President guardian the National Vice President.

The President and the National Vice President shall hold office for five years and may be reappointed.


Art. 10. (National Committee)

The National Committee is the highest organ of decision of A.I.G. and it shall exercise all the powers necessary for the pursuit of social goals.

In particular:

a) elects the President and the National Vice President;

b) appoint the Secretary and the Deputy National Secretary;

c) elects the Board of Statutory Auditors and the Board of Arbitrators;

d) decides the internal regulations and subsequent modifications;

e) ratification of the establishment of Regional Committees; ratified the appointment of the zone chairpersons and their constituency, which may not coincide with traditional administrative districts of the Republic.

f) approve the budget and the final account;

g) decide on the extent of the company's shares;

h) decides the policy orientation of A.I.G .;

i) decides on other matters specified in this Statute and regulations;

l) establishing special or advisory committees.




Art.11 (National Committee)

The National Committee is composed of:

a) by the Committees Regional Presidents;

b) one representative from each of the relevant ministries in the field of Education, Youth and Tourism

c) by people for their business or for special skills or merits can give their work to the accomplishment of the purposes of AIG.

They are elected by the National Committee to submit up to a fifth of the members of the National Committee as constituted in accordance with items a) and b).

May attend meetings of the National Committee, at the invitation of the National President, a representative of the staff; the representative of the staff can not vote and the deliberations of the National Committee.

It 'also by right of the National Committee of the former National President.

The members of the National Committee shall hold office for five years and may be reappointed.


Art. 12. (National Executive Committee)

The National Committee are elected within the National Executive Committee.

The Board is composed of the National President, the National Vice President and other 3 members elected from among the members of the National Committee.

The National Executive Committee may avail itself of the assistance of a representative for each of the relevant ministries in the field of Education, Youth and Tourism which can not vote and the deliberations of the National Executive Committee.

The G.E.N. It performs all duties assigned by the Civil Code to directors of companies that do not exceed the normal administration and those further demandatile by the National Committee.

The G.E.N. in urgent cases may pass resolutions on matters pertaining to the National Committee, subject to ratification of this at its next meeting.


Art. 13. (Board of Auditors)

The A.I.G management control is entrusted to a Board of Auditors consists of three regular members and two alternates appointed by the National Committee on the proposal of G.E.N. with the observance of the legal provisions and accounting standards.

E 'planned withdrawal of the mayor or the dissolution of the Board of Auditors, on a proposal of the Executive and deliberation of the National Committee, in case of serious default or in case of repeated absence for three meetings

consecutive, except in duly motivated prohibitive conditions.

The Board remains in office for four years.


Art. 14. (Board of Arbitration)

The Board of Arbitrators is composed of three regular members and one alternate elected by the National Committee on the occasion of the renewal of the Board and is responsible for disciplinary matters.

The Board shall elect from among its members at the first meeting, the President.

The Board remains in office for four years.


Art. 15. (Regional Committees)

- According to dell'A.I.G organizational needs. Regional Committees are made in every region of the Republic and the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano, which, as part of their constituency, direct the movement A.G. according to the program established by the National Committee.

Within each Regional Committee he has elected the President, the Vice President, the Regional Secretary and a Regional Executive Committee composed by the President and two Members.

According to need you can be elected a deputy Board member.

For regional committees have in the organization chart of a Director of the Secretariat, the customer is engaged in law the function of the Regional Secretary, in an advisory capacity.

The President and the Committee shall maintain, as part of its constituency, all the functions assigned by the National President and the National Committee.

The Regional Executive Committee held at the regional all tasks that do not exceed the normal administration and those further demandatile by the Regional Committee.

And 'it provided the Commissariamento of the Regional Committee and / or the zone chairperson, in the manner provided for in Article. 19 of the Statute, in the event of failure to achieve the goals set by the Association for two consecutive years


Art. 16. (Composition of Regional Committees)

- Each Regional Committee, composed so as to ensure the representativeness of the actual members of the Association members, is composed of:

a) of / her / the Zone;

b) a competent authority representative who represents the school as part of the Region

If the Region Authority fails to appoint its representative, he will be part of the Regional Committee a representative designated by the local administrative authorities within the territory of reference of the Committee, which has expertise in the field of tourism and / or education;

c) people for their business or for particular skills or merits can give, within the jurisdiction of the Committee, its work to achieve the purpose of AIG. They are appointed by the Regional Committee to submit up to a fifth of the members by right;

The Regional Committee members remain in office for five years and may be reappointed.

The Regional Committee made up as you apply the second paragraph of this Article.


Art. 17. (Zone Chairperson)

The territory comprised in the constituency of a Regional Committee may be divided into zones.

In relation to each area is elected by the shareholders resident there a Zone Chairperson

The National Committee shall, every five years, in the process of renewal of the Board, the number of the zone chairpersons and land at each zone chairperson.

The Delegates of the area have the task to report, through the Regional Committee and the observations of this, the National Committee every opportunity for the creation of choices for youth, hostels, relays and similar centers in the stage and overnight; to promote the emergence of such bodies and oversee the operation; to cure the membership, to encourage all initiatives relevant to the purposes of the Association.

They also play within the zone all the functions attributed to regional bodies mutatis mutandis.

The zone chairpersons hold office for five years and may be reappointed.


Art. 18. (National Secretary and Deputy Secretary)

- The National Secretary is appointed by the National Committee, proposed by the President, by an absolute majority.

And 'the chief of A.I.G offices. and he responds to their development to the National Committee.

She participates in meetings of the National Committee and the National Executive Committee, as secretary, in an advisory capacity.

It provides for the implementation of the decisions of the National Committee and of the Executive and of the measures of the National President.

Exercise the functions delegated to it by the Chairman, the Committee and the National Executive.

In case of problems, the Deputy National Secretary, appointed by the National Committee, proposed by the President heard the National Secretary.


Art. 19. (Special Commissioners)

- In case of persistent idle and if the activity of a Regional Committee or a zone chairperson does not comply with the statutory and regulatory provisions, the National President - heard where ARE CONCERNED Chief of State, the competent Regional Committee - can revoke and / or commissariare the Regional Committee and / or the zone chairperson, also by appointing a special commissioner, with a mandate of up to six months and with specific tasks, by subjecting the ratification GEN said dissolution and the appointment of the Commissioner.

The mandate may be extended in case of identified need.

The Extraordinary Commissioner has deliberative power and has the same powers of representation of the Chairperson and / or the zone chairperson.

The President of the dissolved Committee has the right to appeal within fifteen days of the ratification of the dissolution G.E.N. in the first instance and then to the National Committee, which will examine the appeal at its first meeting.


Art. 20. (Regent)

- They are the Regents of A.I.G. those people who, appointed by G.E.N. for possible reporting of the committees, where it was not possible to proceed to the election of a zone chairperson, represent the A.I.G. where it is necessary to create and maintain an organizational hub of reference and control or organize a group of partners.

Hold office for one year and may be reappointed.

They are part of the law of the competent Committee.

If their activities extend to a regional constituency are part of law of the National Committee.


Art. 21. (Meetings of Committees)

- The National Committee, the National Executive Committee and the Regional Committees should bring together, least twice a year, convened by its President, and every time if the need arises or is requested by at least two thirds of the Members.

Meetings of Committees and National and Regional Councils are not valid if there is no absolute majority of Members.

And 'it is foreseen the loss of the role of member of the National Committee, the National Executive Committee or the Regional Committee or by the role of managing the area in case of absence repeated for three consecutive meetings, except in duly motivated prohibitive conditions.


Art. 22 (General Shareholders Meeting)

- The President of the Regional Committee shall convene at least once a year the General Meeting.

The Assembly approved the report on action and initiatives to be taken, it elects the members of the Committees expired, promotes any activity that is within the purpose of AIG.


Art. 23. (Code of Ethics)

The Association adopts a code of ethics which stipulates that all components and the AIG Bodies recognize the Association's founding values.




Art. 24. (Heritage)

- The assets of A.I.G. consists:

a) the membership fees;

b) from owned assets;

c) by any granted by the State;

d) by any granted by institutions and public and private associations;

e) legacies and donations.


Art. 25. (financial statements and Exercise)

- The financial year begins on January 1 and ends on December 31 of each year.

By April 30, the G.E.N. tricot economic balance and financial account to the Board of Auditors which will deposit at the National headquarters the report to the budget within 30 days before the meeting

The final accounts, accompanied by the report of the Executive Committee and the Board of Auditors shall be forwarded to the National Committee for approval, which must take place by June 30 of each year.

Any surplus of annual exercise is intended:

- For at least a tenth, the establishment of a reserve fund;

- For the remainder, to the accomplishment of the purposes of A.I.G., In accordance with the resolutions of the National Committee.

Any leftovers of management, as well as funds, reserves or capital may in no case be divided or distributed among the members, both directly and indirectly, but must be reinvested in favor of statutorily provided for institutional activities.






Art. 26. (Internal Regulations)

- With internal regulations to be approved by the National Committee, rules will be enacted:

- The organization and operation of A.I.G offices .;

- On the legal status of staff;

- The organization and operation of A.G., hostels, relays and similar centers in the stage and overnight;

- On the administration of the company's assets and management to be entrusted to bodies.


Art. 27. (Review of the Statute)

The proposed modifications of this Statute are the exclusive competence of the National Committee, but, for the course must be approved by law.


Art. 28. (Dissolution of the Association)

The A.I.G dissolution. You can not take place except by a written referendum, organized by the National Committee from the older members whose entry to A.I.G. Data from at least three years.

In the event of dissolution, the National Committee will appoint, according to the law, a liquidator and the Ente assets will be donated to entities engaged in activities similar to those of A.I.G. and for the purpose of social utility, in the manner prescribed by law.


Art. 29 (Transitional provisions)

1. Committees Deadlines Regional and Zonal Committees

The Regional Committees and Zonal Committees properly constituted before the entry into force of this Statute shall remain valid until the next renewal of the Board (and no later than 2016). The other Committees, already expired or expiring even before the next renewal of the Board (2016) will have to be reconstituted under the new laws; in that case, notwithstanding the provisions of art. 11 of the Statute, the new maturity of regional committees and eventually appointed Delegates of the area will still have to align with that of the National Bodies. So cease at the next renewal of the Board. In view of the adoption of the amendments to the Bylaws, it is established the principle of alignment maturity of five years of national and local corporate offices, which will be introduced as from the next election for the renewal of the Board.

2 - Powers and Functions of Zonal Committees

On leaving the Zonal Committees, all the skills and the Zonal Committees functions are devolved to the zone chairpersons, who take over all assets and liabilities; in case of failure to appoint zone chairpersons are devolved to the Regional Committees, which take over all assets and liabilities.

3 - Expiry of Corporate Bodies

Unless he resigns, or dissolution, the Company bodies properly constituted at the date into force of this Statute shall remain in office until the next renewal of the Board (2016).