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Aldo Franco Pessina is the inspirer, the founder, the name of protecting the Italian Youth Hostels. At its birth and development practically he devoted his existence. He narrated the same as the association's genesis:

< "The AIG was born in the street." If it is true that the act of official birth -19 October 1945- was drafted in closed a notary's office, it is equally true that the act of will that brought about the birth of AIG, occurred nearly a year before, in a windy morning of the north, in full sun, on the sidewalks of via Boncompagni. Had three: two soldiers (the war had just passed over Rome) and Jack Catchpool (friends call him John) President of the International Federation. For several days they walked the streets of Rome in long walks, going around the fulcrum of the common ideas without reach or perhaps dare to express it. Each of us was sure that something was necessary to do was to re-create some fixed points, rebuild ideals, give new material to new hopes of the young, cut new paths beyond the walls of misunderstanding ....>.

On 19 December 1945, the National Statute signing Founding Committee prepared by Pessina himself who gives life to the Italian Youth Hostels Association. Aldo Franco Pessina he was appointed national secretary.

January 12, 1946 the Italian Government offers its approval to the establishment of the Association; then the Ministry of Education and the Commission for Tourism (which was to become the Ministry), establish the connection nodes with AIG: a representative will be present in each of the Association Committee.

There will be no type of financing if the self-financing of the constituent members. Thanks to a large donation from an American friend of the same Pessina (well $ 60) begins the administrative activity, supported by a wide participation of volunteer activists.

Also in 1946 in Bardonecchia (TO) opens the first Italian Hostel.

Begin to be born and to spread throughout Italy and the AIG is improvised some hostel Committees.

On 1 October 1948, the AIG is recognized as a Moral Authority.

On August 25, 1949 to the conference of the International Youth Hostel Federation, to Hunlaebaek (in Denmark), the Italian Association of Youth Hostels (AIG) is admitted as a member of the Federation.